Great night! Brilliant performer! X
Danielle Watson – Facebook 2014
OMG I’m the biggest Kylie fan and have seen a few tributes, but YOU are the best by far.... thank you for making my night!
Kylie fan – Out Dundee, March 2014
Wow.... Your ‘Gaga’ is totally amazing, but this..... JUST WOW!  
Dean Cumming – Owner, Out Dundee, March 2014
Seriously? that was actually you singing? No way..... you were miming, it was too good!!!!
Kylie fan – Cheerz Bar, Aberdeen
You’re so good you actually made me cry.... ‘All The Lovers’ was my wedding song, and you completely nailed it... in fact, it was better than Kylie herself...
Captains wife! – HMS Sultan 2013
My daughter is completely in love with you and seriously thinks you are actually ‘Kylie’, thank you so much for a fab day
Kylie fan – JCB Anniversary Festival
Wow.... I think I’m in love.... you blew my mind... glass of champagne?
Boss of Pepsi Cola – Annual World Conference, Sweden